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Rimfire is held on the 3rd. Saturday each month at the MVSA Action Shooting Range. This is a variation of “Rimfire Challenge” and “Ruger Rimfire” rules modified for MVSA. MVSA Rimfire is for .22 Long Rifle ammunition only. Bolt action and Lever action rifles are acceptable but a semi-automatic rifle would be required to be competitive since we shoot for time and accuracy. We do not shoot a “Cowboy division”. We use the NSSF Rimfire Challenge and MVSA safety rules and modify the stage rules for our requirements. There are 3 pistol and 3 rifle stages for each match. Each stage consists of two (2) 10 round strings shot at steel targets. MVSA Rimfire matches are open to the public for anyone who can safely and legally handle a firearm. Check the MVSA Calendar for dates and times. For additional  information email, mvsarimfire@gmail.com