Have Something for Sale?

New For Sale Coordinator at MVSA

MVSA has a new for sale coordinator, Bill Kasdorf. Members in good standing that have shooting equipment or reloading equipment that you want to sell please contact Bill Kasdorf our Sales Coordinator. Simply send Bill an email with "FOR SALE" in the subject line, with a full description of the item and your complete contact info. He will list your items on this website.

Email Bill Kasdorf, For Sale Coordinator:  kazandpenny@sbcglobal.net

Long Guns for Sale

BERETTA WHITE ONYX 12 ga O/U -26” barrel- model 686 shotgun w/hardside carry case and all chokes. Total of 100 shells shot.  Very good condition, one small blemish on stock -  $ 1,675.00 (7/18) Ted Taylor  501-226-9315  taylort2950@gmail.com  

Winchester Model 1200

12 gauge, 2 3/4 chamber 28 inch barrel, less than 200 rounds shot thru it, very nice condition. $175 

Steve Sassman 847-997-0887 stevensassman@netscape.net

MOSSBERG 930  Tactical Shotgun. 8 Shot capacity includes SPX Pistol grip.   Cost: $985.00. SELL $725.00 with light and case. Marshall Svendsen. mjsven123@icloud.com.  501 204 2615

Hi Point. 9mmCarbine with scope and case. COST: $324.00.

SELL$200.00.  Marshall Svendsen. mjsven123@icloud.com.  501 204 2615 

Browning 725 Trap: $6,500.00

This 12 Gauge gun, with 30” barrels, was one of 50 guns 

produced by Browning for the 2014 Shot Shows.  The stock has

a slight left hand palm swell and the LOP is 15”.  It has Grade 

IV wood and comes in a blue, Negrini Tube Set case.  It has 

had a trigger job done by Briley to negate the original, 

centrifugal trigger.  Briley Ultralite 20, 28 & 410 tubes are 

included.  I also have multiple chokes for the 12 gauge barrels. 

(15+)  Purchased 2014 & shot very little.  Original Box.

 Mike Beard



Pachmyar Perazzi MX20-C:  $4,500.00

Only 250 of these guns were imported in 1986.  It has custom 

engraving, a gold trigger ventilated rib, center bead and 

schnabel forend.  The barrels are 26”.  It comes with 10 

Perazzi chokes.  Original hard shell Perazzi case.  It was 

purchased to quail hunt.  LOP 14 ½”

 Mike Beard



Browning 12 Gauge:  $7,500.00

1965 Diana Grade Belgian Browning Superposed.  Engraved 

by J. Baerton.  30” barrels and beautiful wood.  The forcing 

cones have been extended is choked Full/Full.  It was sent to 

Midwest Gun Works for extensive renovation.  Firing pins 

were replaced, firing pin springs, top lever springs replaced, 

top rib and side ribs re-soldered.  The gun was re-blued and a 

Graeco Adjustable butt plate was installed. 

 Mike Beard



Winchester Model 12 Trap:  $1,200.00

30” barrels and choked Full.  Beautiful wood and 30” barrel.  

LOP 15 1/8 

Mike Beard



Hand Guns for Sale

Sig Sauer P290RS 9mm semi-auto (carry) pistol with SIG laser, 2 8-round mags, 1 6-round mag, TALON grip treatment, pocket and OWB holsters. Box & all orig. stuff. Less than 50 rounds through it. $400.00 (7/18) Bill Kasdorf: kazandpenny@sbcglobal.net 

Smith & Wesson M&P22 semi-auto pistol, 2 10-round mags and safe. NEW!! NEVER shot!!! $350. Steve Sassman 847-997-0887 (7/18)

Kel-Tec P3AT 380 2.76” Black, Semi-auto Pistol, 1 mag and only 10 rounds shot. Excellent condition comes with hard case - $ 210.00 Ted Taylor 501-226-9315 (7/18)


RUGER LC9S PRO 9mm No manual safety, semi-auto pistol, 1 mag. Only 10 rounds shot thru it. Excellent condition. Comes w/soft case and original box - $240.00 Ted Taylor 501-226-9315 (7/18)  taylort2950@gmail.com  

Springfield XDM Competition 9mm with 5.25" barrel. Comes with 7-19 round mags. 3 are factory, 4 are aftermarket. Box and accessories. $550 (7/18). ericwacaster@yahoo.com

Smith  and Wesson BODYGUARD 380 with insight laser, holster and lockable safe,  partial box of ammo. $375, great bedside or CC weapon.

Steve Sassman, 847-997-0887 or stevensassman@netscape.net (7/18)

38 Taurus Revolver plus 500 rounds of .38 ammo.  (Mostly reloads) it has a holster and carrying case.

$350 for the whole package. (8/18)

Dennis L. Bosch, 

(501) 617-2557 

Smith & Wesson 9mm Shield No manual safety 

Crimson Trace red laser sight  (not integrated)

4 mags -1  7rd  - 3   8rd

like new condition  $400.00

Henry Perkins

henryperk71@gmail.com   501-209-2508

Reloading Gear for Sale

Dillon Press and Accessories $575.00, Dillon RL 550C, Low Powder Sensor (include original Powder Cap), Aluminum Bullet Tray, Strong Mount Stand, Roller Handle (includes original handle), Lee 44-40 Dies, Balance Powder Scale, 600+ reloadable 44-40 brass, I have tested, cleaned the press and lubed, tested the low powder sensor. Included is the large powder Bar and large Primer Bar. Also, Box for the Shell Holder Plate and Pins, Folder and Manuals w/video. This price is about $.60 on the dollar for a fully functioning unit for 44-40 progressive loader. (7/18) Robert Lafond 501-337-6421 Robertslocks@me.com

Miscellaneous for Sale

Mec-Gar 1911-45 magazine 8-rd. new in package $15. Randy Hitchcock 501-209-9730 hitchcr@gmail.com

Uncle Mike's kydex tactical hoster - Left Hand - for Beretta 92 and 96 series pistols - new in package $10. Randy Hitchcock 501-209-9730 hitchcr@gmail.com

SafariLand kydex concealment holster -  Left Hand - for Beretta PX-4 Storm - new in package $10. Randy Hitchcock 501-209-9730 hitchcr@gmail.com

Blackhawk Leather IWB holster - Left Hand - for Beretta PX-4 Storm - new in package $10. Randy Hitchcock 501-209-9730 hitchcr@gmail.com

SKB shell box holder, new. $10

Steve Sassman 847-997-0887 stevensassman@netscape.net

Leupold Scope Mount:

Mark 2 IMS, 1 inch, scope mounting system for AR type rifle.  $50.00, Van Steed coachkat@suddenlink.net, 318-805-7193

MVSA  Regional IDPA Shirts from 2018 match. These are "extras" available in Large and one in XXL, never worn, white. $20. Bill Wallace