2020 Officer and Board of Director Candidates

Following are personal summaries prepared by each candidate for office (officer or board of directors) in this year’s MVSA election.



Jim Patton – Currently MVSA President (since 2015)

As an 8 year member of MVSA, I am currently the MVSA President. My main objective is to maintain the growth of MVSA, and have it continue to be one of the best shooting clubs in Arkansas. I am interested in assisting MVSA in administration of the club’s primary responsibilities, providing leadership at the monthly and quarterly board meetings and producing a workable and balance budget. I will work to build a solid communication policy, to maintain our current membership, as well as increase membership with new members. My goal is to work with the 5 Venue Chairs (Action Shooting, Cowboy Action, Trap and Skeet, Rifle/Pistol and Ladies on Target) to provide a successful setting for the complete membership which includes teaming up with board members and general membership to continually enhance the MVSA club property. I have worked with many volunteer organizations in the past and feel I

can contribute to MVSA with my experiences in budgeting, communication and actual site construction. I have assisted the Venue Chairs in the maintenance and improvement of the MVSA range on a project to project basis. I have participated in MVSA events including IDPA as a Certified Safety Officer, CMP matches, Mountain Sniper matches along with preparation of the various matches, and the weekly Wednesday Shooting Group. MVSA also participates in many charitable events such as Friends of the NRA Charity Dinners, Veterans Motorcycle Group, and Appleseed. We also support the local Hot Springs Police Department and the surrounding law enforcement departments. Working alongside your Board of Directors, I will continue MVSA’s safety program and maintain the club’s property at all Venue Locations.

Vice President

Glynn Simmons - Currently MVSA Vice President

I’ve been a member of MVSA since 2013. I have been involved in IDPA, Three Gun, Rimfire, CMP, and Cowboy Action Shooting. I became active in Cowboy Action Shooting in January of 2016. My wife & I both fell in love with this venue immediately. We both enjoy Cowboy Action Shooting and travel throughout Arkansas and other states representing Mt. Valley Vigilantes, promoting our club & Cowboy Town Venue every chance we get. I also have a passion for and collect Military Firearms WWII & earlier eras. I enjoy shooting these firearms in the CMP matches when possible. I’ve lived in Hot Springs Village since 1996. I am employed with GE Healthcare working at Saline Memorial Hospital in Biomedical Electronics but am looking forward to retiring at the end of the year & spending more time at the range. On nice weather days when we are not traveling around Cowboy Shooting, you will probably find us either at Cowboy Town or the Rifle Range. We love MVSA and our Cowboy Family. I am committed to building and supporting our organization to keep it the one of the best ranges in the state for every venue.


Randy Hitchcock – Currently MVSA Secretary (since 2017)

I’ve been a member of MVSA since 2011. In addition to my duties as Club Secretary I am the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) match director and club contact, primarily responsible

for MVSA’s annual Mountain Valley Melee regional/state match, as well as our monthly club matches.  In that role, I’m a Chief Safety Officer and officiate (and compete) at sanctioned matches statewide as well as at MVSA. I participate as part of the Action Shooting venue team, which plans, builds, and conducts monthly matches at MVSA, and enjoy shooting Multi-Gun, Rimfire, Rifle, and Trap. I’ve lived in Hot Springs Village since moving to this area from Texas in 2006. I retired in 2013 after a 35-year career in commercial insurance sales management, and many of the skills I developed in business are transferable to my role here. I am an Endowment Life Member of the NRA, and strongly support our 2nd Amendment rights. I love MVSA, feel it has a strong social as well as recreational purpose, and I'm

committed to helping maintain and build this outstanding organization into the future.


Jerry Kalick – Currently MVSA Treasurer (since 2017)

I have been a MVSA member since 2010. Mostly shooting IDPA and Rimfire venues at the Action Pistol range. I previously worked in the aircraft maintenance and aircraft maintenance management field for 50 years before retirement in 2011. I have lived in Hot Springs Village since 2008. Other positions I’ve held include: President, Lake Walden Cove Homeowners Association, Montgomery, TX 2002-2004; Treasurer, Carlsbad Palisades Homeowners Association, Carlsbad, CA 1998-2000; Treasurer, A&E Flying Club of Los Angeles, Hawthorne, CA 1970-1971.

Courtney Moore, CPA, CFE, CGMA – Candidate for MVSA Treasurer

I am a 2003 graduate of Henderson State University with a BSBA, emphasis accounting. I passed the CPA  examination in 2009. I sat for the Certified Fraud Examiner certification in December 2017. I also hold the designations of Chartered Global Management Accountant and the Advanced Single Audit Certificate, which are both issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). My work experience started at the firm Brown, Rogers & Company, Inc., where I performed both attest work and tax preparation and consulting. I spent approximately four years with this firm. From there I went into private accounting but still prepared tax returns also. In private accounting, I was the controller for a life insurance company and spent approximately seven years with this company before

moving back into public accounting with the firm of JWCK, Ltd. of which I am a partner. I have been with JWCK, Ltd. since 2015. My professional experience includes the audits of numerous non-profit

organizations as well as various for-profit entities. I have prepared the tax returns for the same type entities along with various other entities as well. I have performed numerous fraud examinations for non-profits as well as several for-profits. I have performed several valuation calculations for various business types, as well. I am currently working on numerous additional designations, including the Certified Valuation Analyst, Certified Internal Auditor and the Certified Trust and Financial Advisor as I perform work in all these respective areas of accounting as well.

Board of Directors

Kevin Greb – MVSA Board Candidate

I am a charter life member of MVSA. My family has always been involved in shooting sports, my daughters grew up participating in the 4H shooting sports and my wife was a coach and pistol instructor.

I spent 12 years as the NRA Field Representative for Arkansas & Northern Mississippi and during that time period I realized how vitally important the next generations are to the 2nd Amendment and the shooting sports. Youth are now my focus and I proactively recruit groups of young people to the shooting sports. I want to work with MVSA to that end as a board member. I am president and cofounder of Waco Tactical Fitness, a 501 C3 organization dedicated to youth education and shooting sports. I am a Project Appleseed instructor and have served as President of the Old Fort Gun Club and served as board member of Central Texas Rifle & Pistol for about 10 years. I know the challenges a modern gun club faces and want to help MVSA prosper and help further the shooting sports with the membership as a board member.

Larry Hughes – Currently MVSA Board Member

I have been a member of MVSA since 2005 and a board member for 9 years. I have lived in Hot Springs Village for 15 years. I have enjoyed my stay as a board member and have watched our club become one of the nicest in the state. We have a lot of plans going forward and I look forward to being a part of it. I am an avid Cowboy Action shooter and enjoy working with all the venues at MVSA.

Bart Messina – Currently MVSA Board Member

I have been a member of MVSA since 2002. In my tenure in MVSA I have started a number of programs and have operated these programs. I have started and coached the Lake Hamilton trap team, I started and operated the MVSA Rim Fire program for several years. I currently operate the Ladies on Target program and have done so for the past 9 years. I have also been a board member for the past 9 years. Over the years I have helped and worked on many projects too numerous to mention.

Ted Smethers – Currently MVSA Board Member

Member since 2003. Currently Venue Chairman for the Action Shooting Range. I have been very active in building and enhancing the shooting facilities at MVSA. I am trying hard to think long term. What do we need to be doing now to position the club and this Range for the next 20+ years? What does it look like when we say we are done building? How many members before we say we are at full capacity? These and more are difficult questions and I am trying hard to work with the rest of the Board to address the future while remaining true to the present and providing what our current membership needs and wants. I been to a lot of ranges and we truly have a great club and range and the future looks even better. But most of all I have made a lot of new friends and I enjoy coming to the Range to be with you folks and to meet and make more new friends.

J. D. Stewart – MVSA Board Candidate

I am a lifelong resident of Garland County, Arkansas. My firearms experience started with my father at the age of 4 with a BB gun. He taught me gun and hunter safety from a commonsense approach. I

entered the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry at age 17 and served as an Infantry Fire Team leader, Squad Leader and Platoon Sgt. as well as a Military Police officer. I qualified sharpshooter with M16A1 and M16A2 rifles. I also carried the M203 grenade launcher attached to my rifle for my entire enlistment. As a MP I carried a Colt 1911A1 .45. I qualified expert on the FBI pistol course both left and right handed. I also qualified Expert with a Winchester model 12, 12 gauge shotgun. I have completed the basic pistol course from the NRA. I have held an Arkansas concealed carry license since 11/17/2016. I spent 24

years in sales and have recently retired. I am 54 years old. My wife, Tina, and I will be married 29 years this May 2020. We have one daughter who is grown and on her own. We have lived south of Lake

Hamilton since July 1997. Tina has been a teacher at Cutter Morning Star School District for 16 years. We are very patriotic and believe strongly in the Constitution of the United States. Our 2nd amendment rights are very important. I am also a member of the NRA and a life member of the Disabled American Veterans.

Important Member Reminders

Help Maintain Your Range & Club Property!

Because MVSA is a not-for-profit, member-owned and member-run facility, we need ALL members to help maintain this premier shooting club: Please take pride in MVSA and Get Involved.  All maintenance is done by member volunteers like you!

· Be SAFE! Keep actions open and unloaded, muzzles downrange, fingers off the triggers until sights are on the target, and stay aware of other people and property anywhere on the range.

· GUESTS: Please remember to have new guests sign a waiver before using club facilities.

· Wear proper EYE and HEARING protection.


Pick up and deposit trash, bottles, old targets, and spent shotgun hulls in the waste receptacles at each venue. 

Cardboard should be placed in a designated Burn Bin or receptacle (not the trash containers).

Help keep our range clean.  If you bring it out (paper/cardboard targets, ammo boxes, bottles or cartons) take it home. Do not leave materials at the range. Replace equipment (target stands, sticks, etc.), remove used targets, pick up any trash, and generally leave the range even better than when you arrived.

· Don’t shoot at railroad ties (or anything else!) on the ground! 

Ricochets happen and are extremely dangerous, and destruction of range facilities is punishable by loss of membership and financial restitution.  All your shots downrange should impact a dirt berm.

· Steel Targets at the Cowboy Town, Rifle Range, Action Range, Pistol Range, and Woods are EXPENSIVE!! Never use steel-core or “penetrating” rounds on such targets. (Remember: Shooting at the Cowboy Town requires prior certification and approval).

Don’t shoot rifles at the close-range target steel intended for pistol or rimfire rounds. (Specific requirements and certifications are necessary before shooting at Cowboy Town). Damaging these targets is cause for termination of your membership privileges.

· Remember!!!!! 

At the Pistol Range Use only 22 rimfire rifles, and straight walled caliber handguns, no shotguns, no 223 or larger pistols or rifles,  and, no full auto allowed. 

At the Rifle Range use only rifles, long range hunting handguns including 223 cal pistols or shotguns with slugs, no full auto or simulated full auto, 50 BMG, steel core or tracer ammo allowed.

Violation of these rules can cost you your membership.

Policy on Entry of MVSA After Dusk


Per MVSA Members’ Manual (Page 3):

“MVSA Range hours are daylight hours only. No night shooting is allowed unless part of an organized match or otherwise approved by the Board of Directors. Night is defined by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission as the time period 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise.”

Addendum to Policy:

MVSA members, guests or visitors may not enter MVSA property after the official Range Hours as defined in the Members’ Manual, page 3, “Overall Policy on Range Use.”

If a guest or visitor needs to gain entry after the policy hours, they must seek the Venue Chairman’s or a Board Member’s permission and must have one of these individuals or their designee accompany the individual onto MVSA Property outside the MVSA Range Hours policy. MVSA members in good standing, and the MVSA caretaker, must seek permission from the Venue Chairman or a Board Member to enter after hours.

All other persons entering MVSA property will be considered trespassing, and will be prosecuted as per the amendments of MVSA Bylaws and Policies.

       MVSA Action Shooting Range

       MVSA Action Shooting Range