Important Member Reminders

Help Maintain Your Range & Club Property!

Because MVSA is a not-for-profit, member-owned and member-run facility, we need ALL members to help maintain this premier shooting club: Please take pride in MVSA and Get Involved.  All maintenance is done by member volunteers like you!

· Be SAFE! Keep actions open and unloaded, muzzles downrange, fingers off the triggers until sights are on the target, and stay aware of other people and property anywhere on the range.

· GUESTS: Please remember to have new guests sign a waiver before using club facilities.

· Wear proper EYE and HEARING protection.


Pick up and deposit trash, bottles, old targets, and spent shotgun hulls in the waste receptacles at each venue. 

Cardboard should be placed in a designated Burn Bin or receptacle (not the trash containers).

Help keep our range clean.  If you bring it out (paper/cardboard targets, ammo boxes, bottles or cartons) take it home. Do not leave materials at the range. Replace equipment (target stands, sticks, etc.), remove used targets, pick up any trash, and generally leave the range even better than when you arrived.

· Don’t shoot at railroad ties (or anything else!) on the ground! 

Ricochets happen and are extremely dangerous, and destruction of range facilities is punishable by loss of membership and financial restitution.  All your shots downrange should impact a dirt berm.

· Steel Targets at the Cowboy Town, Rifle Range, Action Range, Pistol Range, and Woods are EXPENSIVE!! Never use steel-core or “penetrating” rounds on such targets. (Remember: Shooting at the Cowboy Town requires prior certification and approval).

Don’t shoot rifles at the close-range target steel intended for pistol or rimfire rounds. (Specific requirements and certifications are necessary before shooting at Cowboy Town). Damaging these targets is cause for termination of your membership privileges.

· Remember!!!!! 

At the Pistol Range Use only 22 rimfire rifles, and straight walled caliber handguns, no shotguns, no 223 or larger pistols or rifles,  and, no full auto allowed. 

At the Rifle Range use only rifles, long range hunting handguns including 223 cal pistols or shotguns with slugs, no full auto or simulated full auto, 50 BMG, steel core or tracer ammo allowed.

Violation of these rules can cost you your membership.