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Government Relations Update from the National Shooting Sports Foundation

Big News! 400-Yd. Range & Woods to Open

Opening of New Action Shooting Woods, 400-Yard Range

You may have noticed some construction work taking place in the wooded area to the North of the Rifle Range. The Board has now designated this area as the Action Shooting Woods and 400 YD Range.

There are 4 Ranges:  Ranges 1 and 2 are in the small ravines surrounded by woods. Ranges 3 and 4 are the large Bay and the adjacent 400 YD Range. This area is primarily a Competition and Training area. We have been conducting Multi-Gun Matches back here for several years now. But it is finally developed enough to open it for provisional use by the membership starting January 1

Access to this area is controlled by a locked chain across the entrance road just North of the Conex Storage Container. The Board has decided that only approved shooters should be given keys to this area. 

New Range Orientations:  Members will need to complete a special orientation and review process to gain regular access to the new ranges.  You will need to bring your rifle, ammo, and eye and ear protection and be prepared to shoot. In addition to the explanation of the Range Rules and proper use of these ranges you will be required to demonstrate safe gun handling and distance shooting skills.

If interested contact Ted Smethers at tsmethe@gmail.com .

Below are the Range Rules for this area to be added to your Members Manual.

MVSA Action Woods and 400 YD Range Rules

  1. This area is defined as the area to the North and East of the 50 Yard Range to the property line.
  2. There shall be a locked gate or chain across the entry road to this area. This is located just past the 40’ Conex Storage container located across the parking lot from the 50-Yard Pistol & Smallbore Range.
  3. This gate shall remain locked.  Close and re-lock the gate behind you after entering and exiting.  Also, there are chains across the various roads that crisscross the area. These chains should remain up. If you notice that one is down, that may indicate that someone is down range, particularly if there is someone signed in, but not out. Use every precaution before shooting!
  4. Access to and use of this area shall only be allowed to those MVSA Members who have been issued a key or visiting competitors or participants in a training exercise.
  5. MVSA Members must earn the right to be issued a key by demonstrating to the Venue Chairman (or his designee) that they are qualified to safely shoot out to 400 yards. They will also be oriented in safe use and access of this area.
  6. The qualifying member may bring guests per the MVSA Members Manual but unless approval has been given by the venue chairman in advance, these guests are not permitted to shoot past the 300 YD berm.
  7. There shall be a sign in and out log at the gate. All users are required to sign in and out, except during a competition or training exercise at which time the area is closed for all other use and shall be so posted.
  8. At present there are 4 established ranges in this area:

Range 1 - Near Woods – This is the first small ravine

Range 2 - Far Woods – This is the second small ravine

Range 3 - Big Bay – This is the large bay adjacent to the 400 YD Range

Range 4 - 400 YD Range – This is located along the far edge of the property and has berms at multiple locations, the furthest being about 400 Yds in length.

Please Note the Following Safety & Range Usage Guidelines:

  • A Green/Red Sign shall be used to indicate that the range is in use at the Near Woods, Far Woods and 400 YD Range. Members using these ranges shall flip the Green side to Red upon arrival and back to Green upon leaving. The signs have instructions.
  • When more than one shooter is present a Range Officer will be appointed.
  • These ranges are used for various competitions and when setup for such use members are not to move or re-arrange targets or props.
  • No steel targets are to be engaged with Rifles other than Pistol Caliber Carbines from distances closer than 50 Yds.
  • No Steel Core or penetrator bullets are to be used on any steel targets. Targets that are damaged by members are subject to penalty including replacement cost of the damaged target or possible revocation of MVSA membership.
  • Any props or target stands that are used must be placed back where they were stored upon completion of their use. Do not leave any trash or old targets that you bring.  That includes any spent shotgun hulls. The multigun targets may be left on the target stands and can be used if the range is not closed for a pending match.
  • Shooters should expect to bring their own targets and cardboard backers.


Gate Key Card / Key Fob Replacement

Gate key or fob no longer working?? MVSA has a new procedure to get a replacement key card or fob to keep you shootin’! If your card doesn’t work, or has become de-magnetized, just send an email to MVSAGate@gmail.com. You will be sent instructions on where to send your old card and once received you will be sent a new one right away.


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