MVSA Membership & Renewals

New Members:  The membership period is January 1 through December 31 of each calendar year.  New Memberships require a one-time initiation fee of $120, annual membership dues of $120, the key card/key fob fee of $20, plus sales tax of 8.0%, for a total of $280.80. Annual dues are prorated during the year at $30 per quarter, depending on when you join. This prorated option is only available your first year of membership and does not apply to membership renewals. New members are required to attend an orientation meeting and sign a copy of the Liability Waiver prior to getting their gate card or fob. 

Annual Renewals:  Annual Renewals are due no later than December 31 for the following year, and are $120/year plus sales tax (currently 8.00%) for a total of $129.60. Effective beginning 2019 renewals, late payments made during the grace period of January 1 through the last day of February of the renewal year will be assessed a $25.00 late fee: $120/year plus $25 late fee, plus 8% sales tax for a total of $156.60.  Any membership not renewed by the last day of February of the current year will be terminated effective March 1 , with no exceptions.  In such cases, membership can only be re-instituted by reapplying as a new member, subject to new member charges including the initiation fee.

New Member or Annual Renewal Registration and Payments are made online by using the links on the buttons below.  For those that cannot pay online, contact Membership Chairman Jim Patton at, or 708-728-5172, for other options. Submit your New Membership Application or Annual Renewal by clicking on one of the buttons below.

MVSA New Membership Application

MVSA Guest Liability Waiver (pdf)


MVSA Manual & Bylaws (pdf)